Welcome to the UGA Script!

A Message from Dean Kelly Smith

Dear Family and Friends of the College of Pharmacy:

Welcome to the first issue of UGA Script, the new online magazine created to provide highlights, features, updates, and all-around great news from the UGA College of Pharmacy! We are proud to share this e-publication with you; hopefully, you will find it to be reader-friendly, with great snapshots of recent College successes, and environmentally and fiscally responsible in its presentation.

Inside the various sections of this e-publication, you will discover an overall theme – the development and implementation of our 2025 Strategic Plan, which we have dubbed, “Our Prescription for the Future.” The foundation of this plan is the vision of our College: “…to be a global leader and catalyst for innovation in pharmacy practice, education, and scientific inquiry that improves health outcomes.” This foundation supports five basic pillars or strategic directions that will guide the work we will accomplish during the next five years: Teaching & LearningInnovative ResearchCollaborationInvesting in People, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

As we designed and developed this new e-publication, it seemed prudent to carry the theme of our Strategic Plan forward in UGA Script. Hence, the stories you will read are centered around these five strategic directions. You’ll read about how the College not only survived but thrived during the pandemic; our affirmation for racial justice and diversity; new academic and recruitment programs; teaching awards; innovative research discoveries; alumni activities; new PharmDawgs; student accomplishments; and so much more.

What’s so incredible about our Strategic Plan is that we developed it during a year like no other in the history of our College, this University, and society as a whole. Who knew, just over a year ago as we started to work on “Our Prescription for the Future,” that hybrid classes, virtual meetings, classes and events on Zoom, continued mandates for mask wearing and social distancing, and much more would be challenges that would become our temporary norm? Yet, our College rose to the challenges caused by the COVID-19 virus in ways that have made me immensely proud as Dean of this college. In my inaugural State of the College address available in this magazine, I spoke of “rising to the challenge,” a commitment exemplified by so many of our faculty, staff, students, alumni, preceptors, and friends during the pandemic.  If you haven’t had a chance to hear this message, I encourage you to do so. It will make you proud that you are a member of our College family, regardless of your current role with us.

UGA Script will only be as good as the information and feedback we receive. If you have any thoughts or ideas for future stories…updates and accolades about yourself and/or colleague or classmate you wish to share…or opportunities for us to improve this new e-magazine, please reach out by emailing pharmdawgs@uga.edu. Your input will guide the development of future issues.

I wish you continued health and happiness in the coming days.

Happy Reading, PharmDawgs!

Kelly M. Smith, Dean
UGA College of Pharmacy