Virtual Day at the Dome Golden

An international pandemic did not stop PharmDawgs from learning about our state legislative process! The College of Pharmacy’s annual “Day at the Dome” for P1 students was held virtually, and more than 150 UGA participants, including a few fellow P2-P4 PharmDawgs, along with students from PCOM, received a wealth of information. Presenters included Bob Coleman, CEO of the Georgia Pharmacy Association (GPhA); Wes Chapman, President / Board Chair, GPhA; Liza Chapman, Chairman, Georgia Pharmacy Foundation; Greg Reybold, GPhA VP of Public Policy; and Dr. Kristen Linthicum, UGA Office of Government Relations. In addition, several legislators addressed the group, including Representatives Ron Stephens and David Knight. Reybold and Chapman discussed details of Senate Bill 46, which expands pharmacists’ immunization protocols to include all ACIP approved vaccines. Special kudos to Kay Brooks and Dr. Lindsey Welch for coordinating this year’s Day at the Dome.