Masters Student Fascinated by the World of Regulatory Affairs

John Mayhall is a Masters student studying International Biomedical Regulatory Sciences online through UGA’s College of Pharmacy. Mayhall graduated from Auburn University in 2017 with a Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology.

After completing his Bachelor’s degree, Mayall went to work at Thermo Fisher Scientific, a facility that produces devices for researchers and medical professionals. Currently Mayhall works in the Quality Control Department for Boehringer Ingelheim’s Animal Health Division.

When applying to UGA, Mayhall was looking for a prestigious university with a highly revered program in proximity to his location. “I am glad that I am within a reasonable driving distance to meet with many faculty and staff as needed when travel allows,” said Mayhall.

Another thing that pushed Mayhall to enroll at UGA was how active the program was with engaging its students. “The UGA College of Pharmacy and the International Biomedical Regulatory Affairs program is very active in hosting events in concert with the FDA and industry professionals; the relationship between the FDA and the UGA College of Pharmacy makes for incredible opportunities to network and learn,” said Mayhall.

Mayhall became interested in regulatory affairs while working full-time with Thermo Fisher Scientific. “I was not in a place of financial stability where I could quit my job to go back to the classroom. By taking online classes, I can orient my education around my schedule without hindering my professional obligations or aspirations,” said Mayhall.

“There is so much that is fascinating about the world of regulatory affairs – from the diversity of products for which regulations are made to the knowledge, creativity, and effort required to design and develop a drug or a medical device.” said Mayhall “I had no clue how much more was regulated by the FDA other than food, drugs, and the products made at my job with Thermo Fisher Scientific.” Mayhall continued “the knowledge I have gained has been tremendously helpful in following the news as COVID-19 treatments, tests, and vaccines are designed, developed, and subjected to clinical trials.”

For anyone interested in this program Mayhall suggests having determination, focus and a good work ethic. “The flexibility around your schedule and pace of learning allows aspects of individualization to be introduced to graduate-level learning that is not present in graduate-level classrooms. The faculty and staff of UGA’s online programs are welcoming, friendly, available, and willing to do what is necessary to help you succeed,” said Mayhall.

According to Mayhall, the courses have allowed him to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the purpose and intent of regulations that each industry is regulated. He has been able to bring a broader knowledge base into his work life by conducting business in a compliant manner.

Mayhall recently completed the Regulatory Sciences Certificate and is currently in the early stages of planning his thesis. “I chose the thesis pathway because I feel that the thesis process matches my skills, strengths, and interests more than the project route does,” said Mayhall. “I’m really thankful for the opportunity to choose a project or a thesis; it shows that the department wants to see its students succeed by tailoring the curriculum and its requirements to each individual student.”

Mayhall hopes to use the skills and knowledge he has gained to continue to equip medical professionals with safe and effective pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biologics, etc.

“I believe in the human touch and have felt a lifelong obligation to help others in any way possible,” said Mayhall. “I hope to use my abilities to navigate members of industry through regulatory compliance matters so that most people can receive the most therapeutic relief and the best medical treatment and diagnosis as possible.”

Mayhall plans to seek employment opportunities that allow him to accomplish his career goals and aspirations. Mayhall also hopes to give back to the generations of UGA Regulatory Affairs students that come after him.