Recent Faculty & Staff Highlights

The following are recent highlights from College of Pharmacy faculty and staff.

Dr. Michael G. Bartlett, the Georgia Athletic Association Professor in Pharmacy and the Associate Dean for Science Education, Research and Technology in the College of Pharmacy, has been named University Professor, a prestigious honor bestowed on faculty who have had a significant impact on the university in addition to fulfilling their normal academic responsibilities. A member of the CoP faculty since December 1995, Dr. Bartlett is the first Pharmacy faculty member to receive the University Professorship. Read the full story.

Dr. Michael Fulford, Assistant Dean for Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Initiatives in the College of Pharmacy, was profiled in UGA Columns. Beyond the College of Pharmacy, Fulford’s sphere of influence includes serving on the graduate faculty in the Mary Frances Early College of Education and teaching ballroom dance in the Department of Dance, where he is co-director of the UGA Ballroom Performance Group. Like a well-choreographed dance number, Fulford skillfully executes an encore performance for all the organizations he serves. Read the full story.

Jessica Hart, Business Affairs Manager, was named 2021 Employee of the Year. Each year, one exceptional staff member at the College of Pharmacy is chosen as the Employee of the Year – which recognizes a staff member whose contributions to the College, students, faculty, and fellow staff members have been outstanding. A feature story on Jessica was published in UGA’s Columns newsletter last year.

Dr. Rebecca Stone, Clinical Associate Professor, conducted research on emergency contraception that was picked up by several media outlets, including NPR/GPB, Pharmacy Times, and Yahoo News. Published in the Journal of Pharmacy Practice, the study suggests that poor access to emergency contraception, a safe and effective contraceptive option, may exacerbate already high rates of unintended and teen pregnancies in rural areas.

Dr. Henry Young, Head of the College of Pharmacy’s Clinical and Administrative Department, was named a recipient of the prestigious 2022 University of Georgia President’s Fulfilling the Dream Award. Young is the first recipient of the President’s Fulfilling the Dream Award from the College. The President’s Fulfilling the Dream Award recognizes individuals in the UGA and Athens-Clarke County communities who have worked to make Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream of equality and justice a reality. Read the full story.

Dr. Y. George Zheng, Professor in the College of Pharmacy’s Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences Department, was presented with the esteemed Lamar Dodd Creative Research Award at UGA’s annual Research Awards Banquet, held last evening at the Georgia Center for Continuing Education. Dr. Zheng is the first College of Pharmacy faculty member to receive this recognition since it was established at UGA in 1999. Read the full story.