PharmCast Combines Ingenuity With Experience

If you’re looking for information on the latest trends, discoveries, and findings in the fields of pharmacy and pharmaceutical science, the College of Pharmacy has the perfect prescription: PharmCast! PharmCast is a College of Pharmacy hosted podcast and vodcast that features interviews with faculty and pharmaceutical experts on a wide variety of current topics, including medication management, discoveries in new vaccines, drug regulations, and much more.

PharmCast was created in the spring of 2019 by three creative and enterprising first-year PharmD classmates who wanted to educate fellow UGA College of Pharmacy students, faculty, and staff, as well as the UGA campus and the general public about the important role of pharmacists in the community. Kavya Balaji and Aahuti Patel, both from Suwanee, and Antoinette Morkeh from Dacula proposed their concept to Dr. Duc Do, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, who gave the trio the green light to proceed, and the project took off. Some of their PharmCast programs have included information about mental health; diversity, equity and inclusion; smoking cessation; Hepatitis C; Pharmacist Appreciation Month, and much more.

PharmCast Crew

Members of the PharmCast crew interview Dean Kelly Smith for an upcoming segment, which will delve into the causes and remedies of professional burn out.

The PharmCast crew issued a joint statement about their experiences with the program. “PharmCast has been an extremely rewarding experience for us. We’ve gotten great feedback, which continues to motivate us. We weren’t expecting much when we first started, but the podcast has grown over the years, and we’re so thankful for that! Getting to interview professors, pharmacists, and students has been fun and eye-opening. We always learn a lot, and we hope our listeners are enjoying our content and learning from our wonderful guests. We appreciate all of the love and support that we have received!”

In the spring of 2020, the PharmCast crew was approached by Dr. Tim Brown, Interprofessional Education Director, about expanding their program. “PharmCast for the Community” spun off from the original show, and Dr. Brown took to the microphone as host.  His podcasts and vodcasts showcase College faculty members and healthcare practitioners, with the ultimate goal of educating Georgians about how pharmacists impact lives and work to keep citizens healthy. The highlight of Dr. Brown’s PharmCast for the Community program has been his interview with Camille Schrier, Miss America 2020, a Pharm.D. student in Virginia and a prescription safety advocate.  Other featured programs have included Managing Diabetes, COVID-19 and Vaccines, and Life Inside an Intensive Care Unit.

Dr. Tim Brown and Daniel Rogers, Co-Chair of UGA’s chapter of Generation Rx, interview Camille Schrier, Miss America 2020, Prescription Safety Advocate.

Said Dr. Brown, “PharmCast has been a great way to connect with pharmacists and other healthcare providers throughout the state. We offer important health education on hot topics ranging from opioid misuse to how to manage everyday problems, such as allergies.”

To watch and listen to PharmCast and PharmCast for the Community, see here.