Gloria Strait is Employee of the Year

The most recent Employee of the Year at the College of Pharmacy may be one of its greatest cheerleaders.

Gloria Strait, Student Affairs Professional in the Office of Student Affairs, received the award this past year for her exemplary work in 2019.  Soon, she will turn over the reign of her prestigious title to the 2020 Employee of the Year.

Recipients of the prestigious award are selected based on four criteria: team player, a leader among peers, professionalism, and consistently exceeding job expectations. Remarked Dean Smith in her presentation of the award, “Gloria continually volunteers to assume more duties, allowing others to optimize their own jobs. She maintains a good sense of humor and enthusiasm for new assignments.  She is a great example of an outstanding team member who serves as a role model for others.”

Gloria joined UGA in 2005, serving in the College of Law. In 2013, she transferred to the College of Pharmacy as an Administrative Associate II in the Dean’s Office, and later, she was promoted to Student Affairs Professional II. She moved to the Student Affairs Office in 2020, where she currently oversees the college’s scholarship program and manages all student special events.  Gloria is well known for her pristine attention to detail as she plans and implements special events.

Said Ashley Townsend, Administrative Manager in the Dean’s Office and Gloria’s supervisor when she received the award, “Gloria is an employee who is continually willing to lend her hand to support and assist when needed. She has a cooperative spirit and a helpful and caring nature. She truly goes above and beyond in her daily work to support the College.”

When asked about her work ethic, Gloria commented, “Being kind, energetic, and accountable are some of the qualities I live by in my personal and work life. I like to start my day with yoga, which sets my mind to a positive attitude and purpose. I care about being a successful employee and serving the students, faculty, staff, donors. and alumni of the College.”

She added, “Being named Employee of the Year would not have been possible without my PharmDawg family, who has supported me and helped me accomplish so much. I especially thank my supervisors who have given me a good working environment and a chance to grow in my professional career. As a PharmDawg, I am motivated by the mission of the college to serve the students, staff, faculty, donors and alumni. I am grateful for receiving this award, and I thank the committee for finding me worthy.”

Gloria’s greatest joy is her family. She and her husband, Jonathan, live in Jefferson and are the parents of an adult son, Nate. She is a proud stepmom to Dr. Michael Strait and his wife, Dr. Rachel Strait. Furry family members include Scaredy Cat and Orangelo, and they are expecting a grand dog, Yogi.  Favorite pastimes include calligraphy, crafting, sewing, cooking, listening to music, gardening, walking, and yoga.