Alumni Engagement = Student Success


As the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs at the College of Pharmacy, it is my pleasure to introduce this special edition of the UGA Script.  Highlighted among the pages of this issue are stories, features, and updates that spotlight student success. You will read about our outstanding residency Match Day statistics, students who have excelled in the classroom, experiential opportunities that provide hands-on skills for future pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists, among many others.

What you also will enjoy reading are stories about stellar alumni from our College – alumni who are paying forward the educational opportunities they were afforded when they were students. Because of the experiences they had at UGA Pharmacy, these alumni have gone on to successful careers in research, health care, teaching, community pharmacy, and much more. They are serving humankind and representing our College well.

So, why are we featuring student success and our alumni nation in the same issue?  The answer is quite simple – our alumni play a vital role in the life of our students by sharing their career passions with future generations. Whether through mentoring, preceptorships, recruitment efforts, speaking engagements, or through benevolent financial generosity, our alumni allow our students to grow and prosper.  This symbiotic union is indicative of the PharmDawg spirit that is so prevalent at our College.

Witnessing these formative, mutually beneficial relationships is one of the many reasons I am proud to serve in my role at the College of Pharmacy.  As you peruse these pages, may you experience an overwhelming sense of pride for our students and a sense of admiration for our alumni. Together, they assure the success of this College and the future of the pharmacy profession and pharmaceutical sciences.


Dr. Duc Do
Assistant Dean, Office of Student Affairs