Strategic Plan Maps Out Future For Our College

A Letter from Dean Kelly Smith

Dear Colleagues, Alumni, and Friends:

On the road again!

As a Dean, I do a fair amount of traveling. Whether I’m bound for a meeting to one of our extended campuses in the state (Albany, Augusta, Gwinnett, Savannah), visiting alumni or friends of the College, headed to the airport for a trip to a professional conference, or even traveling to an away game to cheer on the Dawgs, I frequently am “on the go.” Almost always,  GPS is my co-pilot, which provides me guidance along the way.

Any journey requires a set of directions. Whether driving to a predetermined location, making significant life-changes, or even planning for the future at a College of Pharmacy, having clear and concise guidelines is a necessity if “passengers” on the journey are to arrive safely and successfully. More than two years ago, our College embarked on a quest to create directions to lead us into the future. Developed in conjunction with the University of Georgia’s strategic plan, the College’s own “Strategic Plan 2025: Our Prescription for the Future” has engaged the collective talents and resources of faculty, staff, alumni, students, and external partners. Using five broad, mission-centric Strategic Directions, we have outlined a roadmap that serves as our guide.

Within the e-pages of this issue of UGAScript, you will find stories that share how people, programs, and progress are defining “Our Prescription for the Future.”  These stories center around our most important asset – our people. You will read about Dr. Andrea Sikora’s recent NIH grant award, P-4 student Tierra Jackson’s rise to the presidency of a national organization, and alumni Hugh Chancy (BSPH ’88) and Kisha Christian’s (PharmD ’04) spirit of entrepreneurship, leadership, and philanthropy. In addition, you’ll gain an appreciation for how the programming work we do is intentional and starts with the end in mind. Further, you will learn of our progress through financial and goal-oriented data that highlight some of our success, growth, and benchmarks.

We realize we have bold aspirations. We also are keenly aware that our strategic plan is a living, breathing document in which the pursuit of our goals is never-ending. As we continue to implement “Our Prescription for the Future,” look for more stories centered around the “3 Ps” – people, programs, and progress. 

As Dean, I have the honor and privilege of speaking on behalf of the College of Pharmacy’s amazing people who have worked collaboratively to provide leadership, engagement, and navigation for this journey. I am proud to share that we are in the midst of remarkable growth and development. As we continue on this trajectory, our Strategic Plan 2025 is more than just a document – it is our way of life.  

Happy Reading, Everyone!

Kelly M. Smith, Dean 
UGA College of Pharmacy